How to Buy Bitcoin with Neosurf

As Bitcoin (BTC) continues to skyrocket in value, crypto investors now have a new way to invest in Bitcoin with Neosurf. There are a number of exchanges that allow people to seamlessly trade Neosurf for Bitcoins. Neosurf cards are often used to make online payments without revealing any sensitive personal data such as your credit card number. However, before you make the wrong move with any Neosurf transactions, it helps to weigh up a few things first.

Factors to consider when choosing Neosurf-BTC exchange

  • Fees

The fees associated with making Neosurf transactions can be higher than those for making payments via bank transfer such as SEPA. Exchange fees may vary from one platform to another. So, ideally, you may want to research exchanges that charge the lowest fees so that you can maximize your profit trading your Neosurf for Bitcoin.

  • Customer support service

You probably don’t want to sign up for an exchange that makes it difficult to get help when you need it the most. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions can be complicated at times. An exchange that boasts a responsive customer support team can be invaluable when you are trying to exchange money and run into trouble. A good customer support team is one that is ready and available to answer your pressing questions 24/7. Reliable Neosurf-to-Bitcoin exchanges care for their clients by offering effective support services.

  • Ease of use

For beginners, it’s particularly important to choose a user-friendly exchange such as NakitCoins. This crypto platform is straightforward and easy to use.  Trying to use more complex exchanges will only make it harder for you to deposit funds into your account.

How to buy Bitcoin with Neosurf on NakitCoins

NakitCoins is one of the leading crypto platforms to safely exchange your Neosurf voucher for BTC. If you are looking for an exchange with relatively low commission rates, choose NakitCoins and buy Bitcoin in a matter of seconds at the best rates.

You can acquire crypto assets with cash instantly by visiting anytime, anywhere. Neosurf is widely accepted by online merchants, and it’s available in supermarkets, shops, gas stations as well as kiosks. You can find the nearest Neosurf retail joints via the NakitCoins website.

One thing to note about NakitCoins is that you can only spend Neosurf for BTC – they don’t allow people to buy Neosurf with altcoins.

Pros of buying Bitcoin with Neosurf

  • Most users prefer Neosurf because it helps them mask their banking information when transacting online
  • Want to stay anonymous online? Neosurf may just be the best option for you since no one can track your card info.
  • Neosurf prepaid cards make it easy for people to invest in Bitcoin

Cons of using buying BTC with Neosurf

  • In general, Neosurf fees are much higher than those of bank transfers and credit card charges

All in all, using Neosurf to buy BTC is a great idea. But those who don’t have Neosurf prepaid cards may want to use bank transfers, cash deposits, and credit or debit cards to transact. Other popular exchanges that accept Neosurf prepaid card payments include LocalBitcoins, Bitboat, and Paxful. 

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