How To Book an Online Appointment for Vehicle Inspection in KSA

Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has introduced a new online platform to schedule appointments for Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection (FAHS). This platform supports the organization’s ongoing efforts in developing a car inspection system in Saudi Arabia. 

For several years, the kingdom has been highly focused on evolving the periodic inspection program to minimize malfunctions at an early stage and create a safe and accident-free environment. This approach is expected to enhance the longevity of vehicles in the long term. Here’s what you should know. 

Why should I get a vehicle periodic inspection?

Vehicle inspection is crucial for knowing your vehicle’s history and is regarded as the best method to prevent potential issues. By identifying emerging problems, you’ll have a documented record of prior deficiencies, which can be beneficial if any issues arise after your warranty period expires.

How To Book Online Appointment For FAHS

Here are all the steps that enable you to book an appointment for vehicle inspection FAHS using the new online platform:

  • Enter the platform:
  • Choose Book Appointment 
  • Fill in the personal information about the vehicle owner: (name, mobile number, and e-mail)
  • Fill in the vehicle information including: (the license plate number and download your car license)
  • Select the region and the inspection center
  • Choose the inspection appointment that suits you
  • Click on “Next” enter the verification code sent to your mobile and then click on “Confirm”
  • A screen will display confirming that you have booked your appointment successfully
  • You can print the appointment details by clicking on the print button

Edit Your Online Appointment For FAHS


You can follow these steps to get your appointment modified:

  • Enter the platform:
  • Click on Edit Appointment
    Enter the reference and mobile number then click on “Next”
  • Fill in personal and vehicle information
  • Determine the location and date of the inspection
  • Confirm your reservation

Cancel Online Appointment For FAHS

On the other hand, you can follow these steps to get your appointment canceled:

  • Enter the platform:
  • Click on cancel the appointment
  • Enter the reference and mobile number then click on “Next”
  • Enter the verification code that has been sent to you
  • You will receive a confirmation message that you have canceled your appointment

Frequent Questions

Is it mandatory to book an appointment for a periodic Inspection?

Yes, booking an appointment in advance for periodic inspection has been confirmed as mandatory for all vehicles in Saudi Arabia.


What documents are required for periodic Inspection?

The recipients are required to bring both their vehicle license and the certification document provided by the licensing office to the FAHS.


Is it necessary to wash the car before the periodic inspection?

It is recommended to thoroughly wash the car before taking it to the technical inspection centers.


Finally, it should be noted that small issues usually escalate into big problems over time. That’s why you should do this inspection beforehand. And remember that diligent safety inspections lead to enhanced safety, protection, and profitability. By addressing minor concerns proactively, you can safeguard your operations against potential setbacks and ensure sustained success in the long run.


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