How New Zealand Got the Pandemic Right

Covid-19 has affected many worldwide in different ways. Even though few of us could have ever foreseen this terrible virus hurting so many individuals, it has also brought about a better idea of living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. The Coronavirus has not only brought about an awful economic disaster in various ways, but has also shown us people that living clean, sanitized lifestyles is a must in this day and age. Beyond the catastrophe and terrible consequences this pandemic has caused, we can also see many positive things manifesting on the horizon because of this virus. For example, we are now given the opportunity to receive healthy amounts of hand sanitizer at different restaurants whereas years before, one could go into a certain restaurant and not even notice hand sanitizer much anywhere at all. Also interesting, we are now required to wear protective masks when out in the public. I see this as a great way to keep ourselves safeguarded against the nasty viruses and colds that linger about in the air now and then.

There is still so much more we can do to make a more positive impact on the world we live in. For instance, the human spirit can greatly inspire many to desire a want to assist those who need help. By simply making financial contributions to those in need not only helps those individuals out greatly, but it also benefits the person giving out the contribution too. The value of financial philanthropy is truly an amazing thing that helps many.

Strict LockDown Regulations

When it comes to handling a worldwide pandemic correctly, Diego Ruiz Duran truly believes that the country of New Zealand got the catch of things quickly and used wisdom. What did New Zealand do right when it comes to dealing with such a virus? They went at the lock down hard and early, according to New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern. It was on the 15th of March that New Zealand had actually found out that they had only calculated around 100 cases and absolutely no deaths. It was right then and there, the country decided to quickly close up its borders to all foreign travelers and mandate a 14-day quarantine for all incoming people to New Zealand.

Effective Communication

Diego Ruiz Duran also noticed that the country’s rules and regulations were implemented and communicated very well. Right before the pandemic lock down happened, the official New Zealand government had sent urgent emergency text messages to many of the residents. Urging individuals to stay where they are at the time being, for their safety as well as for the safety of others. The government seemed to work great with dealing with people’s expectations of the virus.

Official Testing Capacity In New Zealand Skyrocketed

The Prime Minister of New Zealand had also announced that the country actually was able to successfully process around 8,000 tests a day. This just happened to be one of the highest official testing rates in the entire world. In totality, New Zealand was able to successfully test around 295,000 different people.


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