How Music Can Help Influence Society

Music can influence society in many positive ways especially when it comes to branding products. Music is the key to many peoples souls and often plays a role in their lives. During times that we are in right now when people are spending a lot of time by themselves, music can be a positive thing that gets them through tough times.

The role music plays in branding products can not go unnoticed. Oftentimes well known music artists can have a major influence on what the public decides is cool so to speak. Those same music artists are sometimes involved in the business that they are trying to brand so by branding those products they are also making money for themselves. So when mentioning products in songs if the artist is a major artist then will have an influence on consumers that may want to purchase the products. The public is more likely to purchase something that their favorite artist is promoting than if they saw a random person promoting the product. The reason they are more likely to do that is because they want to emulate or want to look like their favorite artist. Shalom Lamm is learning more about the effects that brand ambassadors have on consumers and those ambassadors can be music artists that make songs and push brands that have products.

Another role music can play in branding products is visual representation of the products. Music videos that artists usually have some form of product placement in the videos. That product placement is critical in influencing consumers or fans to purchase products. If an artist has a music video in which they are having a lot of fun while using a certain product the visual will entice consumers to want to purchase the same product thinking they will have the same amount of fun. With social media being such a big way of showcasing products when an app such as Tic TOC is used for artists then they can promote products and their music in a short period of time but also on an app that is used for long periods of time throughout the day. With today’s society having a lot to do with visuals then product placement among videos on social media platforms is an even bigger advertising tool for businesses. Social media platforms usually pay influencers to promote products and oftentimes those influencers have large amounts of followers. Those influencers with large amounts of followers tend to be in the music business and can reach multiple people with the click of a button from making a post on one of their platforms. They receive large amounts of money for those posts due to making the business a lot of money for promoting their products and the influence they have over the people purchasing the products. Shalom Lamm is gaining a better understanding of the power of social media and the influence that music and music artists have while on social media.

Music will always play a big role in today’s society due to the nature that it is consumed and the effect it has on people.


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