Hong Kong leader gives reason for not wearing mask — Analysis

Carrie Lam said she keeps her face uncovered to show people how “solemn” she is

On Tuesday, Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, spoke out to defend herself against criticisms about her decision not to wear masks at Legislative Council meetings or press conferences.

Many residents had voiced concern over her behavior on social media. Lam also imposed new restrictions to the population. 

When questioned by reporters about the subject during a conference, she maintained that the decision to remove the mask was her own. “well thought out,”Her goal, she claimed, was to guarantee residents could “feel her emotions.” 

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“Now I am very somber, I am very solemn, because I am very worried. People need to understand and feel my feelings,”Lam spoke. “I’m not going to smile to you or look very relaxed or casual. This is a very solemn occasion.”

Lam stressed the importance to be able to understand the chief executive’s message and to listen to her clearly. She added that she wasn’t taking off the mask because of discomfort. 

Hong Kong had 109 Covid-19 new cases Monday. After months of no locally transmitted diseases, the Omicron variant is responsible for the current outbreak. 

Lam mentioned that there were 426 patients in Covid-19’s former British colony who were admitted to hospital. None of them were seriously or critically ill.

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