Here’s What You Can Do to Help People in Ukraine Right Now

As destruction worsens and casualties mount during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,People all around the globe are searching for ways to assist.

One simple step, experts say, is to remain informed about the conflict and to be cautious about the information that’s spread on social media. Disinformation is one of Russia’s favorite weapons of war, and accidentally amplifying it can harm civilians.

You can also donate your money. LargestInternational aid organisations, which include UNICEF, the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR and the International Committee of the Red Cross as well as Doctors Without Borders and the International Rescue Committee are active in Ukraine, along with other countries that are home to a rising number of refugees fleeing violence.
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There are manyAmerican-based grassroots and regional organisations, which provided aid for displaced citizens in the United States before the conflict, deserve support. These are the six people who will accept donations online.

Voices of Children

Voices of Children (based in Ukraine) is an aid organization providing psychological support to war-torn children. It uses art therapy and storytelling to support children’s wellbeing, and provides financial support to families who have suffered as a result of war.

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Vostok SOS

Vostok SOS is also located in Ukraine and partners with Liberico, a German-Swiss non-governmental organization. They provide emergency evacuation assistance to Ukrainians fleeing their homeland. Vostok has a hotline to assist Ukrainians who are in distress and plans to offer trauma support for victims of the Russian invasion.

Malteser International

Malteser International, a nonprofit based in Malta, has been collecting “everyday” supplies for Ukrainians who have been forced to flee their homes. “What is especially needed are everyday medicines, as well as cots, blankets, food, and cash to provide for the many people affected,” Oliver Hochedez, head of Malteser International’s emergency relief department, said in a public statement.

United Help Ukraine

United Help Ukraine was an American nonprofit founded after 2014’s annexation. It’s currently raising money to send first aid kits and other humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The goal was $600,000. However, donations are still welcome.

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Nova Ukraine

Nova Ukraine, also an American nonprofit, works closely with Ukraine-based organizations and is currently assembling supply packages that include diapers for children and adults, baby food, hospital supplies, and dry foods for a children’s orphanage in Donetsk.

Sunflower of Peace

Sunflower of Peace is another American non-profit that raises money for first aid backpacks to paramedics, and doctors at the frontlines. This organization has also helped to fund the construction of first aid backpacks for doctors who are providing assistance to victims fleeing Crimea. “It meant the world to [medical professionals] then and it will mean the world to them now,” wrote Katya Malakhova, the fundraiser’s coordinator, in a Facebook post. The fund has also surpassed its goal—$200,000—but is continuing to fundraise.


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