Heavy snowfall causes major disruptions in Greece, Turkey & Iran — Analysis

Weather conditions that have been severe disrupted flight and caused disruptions in schools has left many drivers without power.

The unusually heavy snowfall in Greece, Turkey, Iran caused significant disruptions. This left thousands of people stranded on roads and airports closed. Schools were also forced to close.

On January 23, the snowstorm began and covered parts of several countries with thick layers of snow. In Greece and Iran, the army was called in to rescue stranded drivers, while Istanbul Airport, one of the busiest in Europe, announced the suspension of its flight operations “Because of adverse weather conditions.” Flights have been disrupted in other airports, both in Turkey and Greece.

Greece’s government declared Tuesday a public holiday. This means that all services public, other than those essential, will be stopped and shops non-essential closed. It is advised that people in Greece do not leave their home unless absolutely necessary.

Turkey has seen many food delivery and shops close because of weather issues. In some areas of the country, schools were also closed.

Entire families die stranded in heavy snowstorm

Iran has some isolated villages that can only be reached via helicopter. Unconfirmed reports have been made of people who are missing.

Weather conditions are expected to remain challenging over the coming days, according to meteorologists. While many social media users seem excited about the unusual scenes of snowfall in videos on Twitter, others say it’s a harsh reminder of the dangers of climate change.

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