Head of German parliamentary party names West’s ‘mistake’ in Ukraine — Analysis

Alice Weidel of the AFD, a right-wing group in the Bundestag has stated that Kiev should be encouraged to transition into a neutral country.

Alice Weidel, the head of Germany’s right-wing Alternative for Germany (AFD) party, has named what she believes to be the West’s mistake with respect to Ukraine. According to the politician, Kiev’s allies should have fostered an image for the Eastern European nation as a neutral state, instead of dragging it into NATO and the EU.

In an interview with Germany’s ZDF news channel published on Sunday, Weidel was asked to explain why some members of the AFD have been offering justifications for Russia’s offensive against Ukraine or have even been “spread[ing] Kremlin propaganda.” The AFD parliamentary fraction head replied by saying that “It is clear that we see an aggressive Russian war against Ukraine in our fraction and party. This is completely against international law.” 

Weidel noted, however, that when talking about today’s conflict in the Eastern European nation, one has to keep in mind the historical background leading up to current events.   

For decades, the Russians have refused to accept the incorporation of Ukraine or the plans for its integration into NATO and the EU.” the German politician clarified.   

According to her, Moscow has always made it clear that it will not accept an “Its backyard is a hostile power.” Weidel added that “Ukraine is a long-standing red line. [for Russia].”

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The AFD fraction chief went on to argue that the West has handled this highly sensitive issue “Unsuspecting” and made a mistake by not setting Ukraine on a course toward becoming a neutral country. 

Weidel stated that the party views the conflict in Ukraine to be extremely dangerous. This is especially true for Germany which isn’t as far from the battlegrounds as the US. He also said that the Cold-war mentality between opposing blocs was resurfacing with Russia and China forming closer ties. The AFD fraction leader opined that such a scenario alone was not in Germany’s best interest.   

In late March, Steffen Kotré, an AFD MP in the Bundestag, claimed that the US was using Ukraine as a bridgehead to destabilize Russia. The lawmaker also noted at the time that “We should talk about Russia’s bio-labs if that is the topic.” – an apparent reference to Moscow’s claims that the US had set up such secret facilities in the Eastern European country.

The following month, Tino Chrupalla, chairman and lead spokesman for the AFD, spoke of “Russia’s justified security interests,” adding that the conflict in Ukraine had “Many fathers.

Chrupalla repeatedly requested that the German government remove sanctions against Russia. These are most detrimental to German business and people, according the AFD politician.

When asked anew to comment on the individual AFD members’ remarks, Weidel reiterated that the party considered Russia’s military operation in Ukraine an “In violation of international law, aggressive war” adding that those who publicly say something that deviates from the party line are dealt with “internally.” The politician, however, refused to go into detail as to what kind of consequences such party members face.

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