Having unvaxxed kids ‘doesn’t make any sense,’ Fauci says — Analysis

Parents have a “responsibility” to get their children vaccinated against Covid-19, the health official said

White House health adviser Anthony Fauci has pushed back on parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids based on the low number of serious cases among children, insisting their arguments don’t make sense.

Fauci took a morre blunt approach with parents hesitant to vaccinate their little ones during a Thursday appearance on NewsNation’s ‘Morning in America.’

After host Adrienne Bankert observed that only zero to four children per 1.1 million in the US required hospitalization due to Covid-19 last week, despite a general surge in cases,  Fauci said that the rationale of parents who refer to statistics while declining to immunize their kids  “doesn’t make any sense.”

“We vaccinate children for a number of childhood diseases, where the mortality of those diseases is far less than the mortality and the morbidity of Covid-19 on children,” Fauci said.

It is becoming more common for children to be admitted to hospital. “responsibility”Fauci said that parents should vaccinate children. The White House’s top health official acknowledged, however, that children have “less” risk of severe side effects from Covid compared to other age groups. 

“It is true that when you compare the hospitalizations and severe illness in young children compared to adults, particularly the elderly, there’s no doubt that the likelihood of getting seriously ill for a child is less than for an adult when you’re dealing with Covid-19,”Fauci stated, but added that it does not necessarily mean “children don’t get seriously ill.”

Children are “suffering” “dying,” Fauci noted, adding that it’s “avoidable”Parents can simply give them vaccines.

Since November, children aged 5 and over are eligible for the Covid-19 vaccination in the USA. The Omicron variant significantly increased the number of cases in the country, resulting in an increase in child hospitalizations.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, 378 children per day were admitted to hospital for Covid during the week of 22 to 28 December. This is more than 60% increase over the previous week.

Some have argued, however, that children remain at low risk of severe side effects and that parents, not officials, should make decisions for their own kids, with multiple lawsuits filed in recent months aiming to block the vaccination of children without parental consent.



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