7 Simple and Efficient Ways To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

The average person spends a lot of money on clothes in their lifetime. But the financial investment isn’t worth it if you can never seem to keep your clothes looking good. The clothing industry spends billions of dollars a year on research and product development, but sometimes it’s not enough. These seven suggestions can help your clothes stay longer and look better.

1. Buy Fabric Care Products

Fabric care products, like softeners and dryer sheets, improve the texture and appearance of clothes because they reduce static cling, which reduces pilling and tangling. They also reduce the friction of fabric rubbing against itself, diminishing fabric wear. You should also try higher quality detergents to clean your clothes properly to give them a longer life.

2. Dry Clean Your Clothing

Dry cleaning is indeed great for maintaining the quality of your clothes. Using quality dry cleaners, you can help keep your fancier or more professional wardrobe like suits, dresses, and items made from delicate fabricate in pristine condition. Dry cleaners know how to preserve your clothing and remove any stains or blemishes from your clothes.

3. Wash Your Clothes With Cold Water

It’s tempting to use warm water to improve cleaning power, but you’ll regret it later. Cold water is gentler on your clothes, generates less bleeding, and protects sensitive textiles like elastic from harm. It will also save you money.

4. Buy Clothes That Fit

A shirt or pair of pants is the right size doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you. Always try on garments before buying them to get a sense of how they appear. If possible, try wearing clothes at the store so that you can see how they fit while still thinking clearly. Once you take them home, hang them up immediately, and don’t wear them several times in a row to preserve their appearance.

5. Iron Your Clothes

Today’s modern fabrics do not always respond well to being starched and pressed, so there is a need to iron them. Not only will ironing your clothes help them last longer, but it will help them look better when you wear them.

6. Handle With Care

If you want your clothing to endure longer, make sure they’re not stuck on items like zippers and buttons. When you are finished wearing a piece of clothing, fold it neatly instead of dumping it in a crumpled heap or in the laundry basket.

7. Repairs

If you don’t want to replace your old clothes, consider investing in a few repair tools for your sewing machine. These include needle threaders and pincushions to help you repair tiny holes in garments and a presser foot lifter to take care of uneven seams easily.

Taking care of your clothes doesn’t take much time, but it does necessitate some work. Invest the most time and money in the pieces you wear to maintain your clothes looking their best. If you make it a priority, your clothes will last much longer.



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