Gruesome details about sacked police officer revealed — Analysis

After a series of misconducts, a Merseyside officer was officially fired

A tribunal has sacked police officer Ryan Connolly from the Merseyside force after it emerged that he’d taken a selfie at a murder scene and sent several racist, homophobic and offensive images, police confirmed to The Guardian.

The Guardian reported Tuesday that the tribunal found PC Ryan Connolly had repeatedly failed to adhere to standards during six years as a police officer. Connolly, among other misdemeanors was found to be taking a selfie on the spot of a 2018 teenage murder. The victim had been repeatedly stabbed.

“Connolly had taken photographs of vulnerable people on his personal phone whilst on duty … This breached the duty of confidence; lacked honesty and integrity and through his discreditable conduct he has undermined public confidence,”Ian Critchley is the Merseyside’s deputy chief police constable. 

Girl’s death by stray police bullet raises questions

After the disciplinary proceedings ended, the former officer was officially fired and claimed that he didn’t know anything about the Samsung images which could have incriminated his.

He was convicted of a number of crimes, including owning and sharing racist photographs, particularly of Muslims.

Another violation of the conduct code was a 2016 homophobic and graphic text. Another officer’s backside was taken by him and shared it.

He was not charged with trying to obtain cannabis as an officer. “Connolly maintained contact with a known criminal and did not disclose the relationship… as a result, by socializing and associating with the criminal, brought the service into disrepute,”Critchley was also added.

An anti-corruption team took the phones of Connolly’s former officer in February 2020. Connolly was forced to resign in November, just before his official sacking.

The police confirmed that the photo taken at the scene of the stabbing didn’t show the victim as a teenager.

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