Green Pass compromised? Adolf Hitler gets a Covid certificate, as media speculate on whether EU security keys were STOLEN — RT World News

A seemingly functional EU Digital Covid Certificate bearing Adolf Hitler’s initials circulated online last week. However, it was later invalidated. The incident raises questions about the security of the ‘vaccine passport’ system.

QR codeThe certificate, which was found online Tuesday with the help of several verification apps, contained the following information: “Adolf Hitler,”Born January 1, 1900. On tech forums, several variations of the code were noticed, with some having the name capitalized while others had a different birthday. All versions would have allowed the Fuhrer to access any indoor event that was not open to unvaccinated people.

The story was picked up by the Italian media, but it is unknown where the security keys necessary for generating Hitler’s QR code actually came from. Il Post reported that Hitler’s pass had been issued with a key from France, but noted that this information could also have been forged.

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Covid Pass Europe works by pairing the public key contained in the QR code, which is visible to all who scan it using an app, with the private key held by hospitals and other healthcare providers. Venues checking the validity of someone’s Covid pass scan the code and receive a green tick if it matches the private key, or a red cross if not.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the private key used to verify Hitler’s pass was revoked, but a Polish user on one tech forum still claimed to be selling working certificates, as did some posters on the so-called ‘dark web.’

Whether the private key used to validate Hitler’s pass was stolen or leaked remains a mystery. A healthcare worker could also have created the fake Nazi certificate. 

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Leaked or stolen keys present a serious problem for the EU’s Covid certificate system. A single key can generate multiple passes. Therefore, revoking any of the keys that are used to create them would render invalid all other passes based on those keys, whether they were real or false. Public confidence in the system could be damaged if hundreds, or even thousands, of passes are re-certified at once. This is already a problem in certain countries.

Hitler isn’t the only high-profile person to receive a false Covid certificate. An earlier arrest of a French teenager who tried to access a hospital with the health-pass data from President Emmanuel Macron was made this month. The French president’s public data had leaked online, meaning anyone could use his QR code as their own and the code would read as valid. An official would immediately know that the person using the QR code was not the president.

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