Go Green: Here Are Some Eco-Friendly Companies To Learn From

This industry is changing rapidly in how it does business. One of its driving forces has been the desire to be a green and sustainable company. It means that while they are still operating, companies make conscious decisions to preserve the environment and not just earn profit. 

There are many reasons. why people are inclined towards eco-friendly companiesBut the primary reason for this is that the earth is one of the most habitable planets. Any deterioration to its ecosystem may result in loss of income, destruction of animals and birds and even the loss of property and land. 

Companies and industries that join this cause are conscious of their environment and help the planet.

Here’s a list of eco-friendly companies that people can learn from

Amazon: The company is the most popular online retailer in the globe and strives to make it an eco-friendly business. Amazon’s sustainability platform allows for sharing of information on their initiatives. This helped spread awareness about the importance of being eco-friendly.

Patagonia:It is an outdoor clothing business that employs cutting-edge technology to do business. To reduce carbon emissions, the raw materials used to make these clothes can be recycled or grown organically. carbon footprint. 

Lush cosmeticsIt is committed to creating eco-friendly products using plant-based ingredients. It does not test animals and uses no chemicals in any of its products, including hair-care products, body products, or face products. Their shampoo is not packaged in plastic bottles. They use solid shampoo instead. The company has many other innovative initiatives that make it one of the top in its industry.

The Seventh Generation Seventh Generation, a personal care and cleaning products company, has been committed to being an environmentally-friendly business since 1988. Seventh Generation believes that packaging is an enormous waste of resources, which ultimately affects the environment. Their packaging is also plant-based, and made from sustainable materials.

Brewing Company of New Belgium:They are the 4th largest brewery in the US. This environmentally-friendly company is committed to doing business in a responsible manner. They only work with sustainable suppliers and are a Platinum-certified zero waste business. The company also focuses on the use of limited energy in its production, and has offered to pay an energy tax within their organization. 

Pela:This company makes phone cases. But what’s more, it is the only one of its kind. After seeing plastic waste on vacation beaches, the company decided to go eco-friendly. business.

These products are 45% and 100% plant-based. This company uses only renewable energy as its energy source, and they are working to improve energy efficiency.

Preserve:It began its company by making eco-friendly toothbrushes in partnership with engineers and scientists. They have also developed measuring cups, colanders and razors over the years. You can also find compostable cups, plates and straws.

Their initiative aims to clean up the coastlines and oceans, and to use plastics that are found around the region to produce new products and recycling. They have also created a recycling program that teaches people how to recycle, and encourages them to become more environmentally-conscious.

West PawA triple bottom line is what this pet product company offers: people, pets, and the environment. These products are manufactured using ecofibre which is made from recycled materials. plastics

The company’s initiatives saved 12.6 millions plastic bottles from ending up in landfills. They also have an initiative that collects de-fluffed toys and recycles them into new products. 



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