Getting Into the Medical Field

When it comes to people deciding on what career path they will follow, many decide to pursue healthcare. It is an industry that is constantly growing and is in constant need of workers. There are many paths one can follow when pursuing a career in medicine. Some want to do as little education as possible. Others go all out and decide to go for the long road to working in healthcare.

The Quick Way

If someone is considering getting a medical education but does not have the time or resources to take the long road, they may choose to become a medical assistant.

Medical assistants are still considered medical professionals with a working knowledge of a little bit of everything in the industry. They can diagnose specific mild medical issues, complete minor surgeries, and assist outpatients with their knowledge. They also work on administrative duties such as scheduling appointments and filing medical records. There is no specific part of medicine that medical assistants specialize in, but that means they can work at any medical facility. All they need to have is a bachelor’s degree.

There is also the option to become a life coach and start their own coaching practice. This only requires a certificate; they can still become part of the medical field either as a life counselor or therapist.

The Long Way

If someone has the resources and the time, they can choose the long way to get into the medical field. This will require spending many long hours in classes, jumping through numbers hoops, and after all that, they become certified.

The first step will be getting a bachelor of science or a pre-med degree. Either one a person pursues will be a significant first step in this long process. A good thing to remember when pursuing this degree is that doctors must have a solid working knowledge of math, biology, and chemistry. Therefore, having a diploma showing a strong knowledge of these will give them a step up in the process.

The second step is after getting their bachelor’s or pre-med degree; they will pursue a job in a medicine-related field. A lot of the time, they will choose a medical assistant. Getting a job in the medical field, even if it is not the one they are pursuing, will help give them a leg up to be admitted into medical school.

After that, an admissions test will need to be taken called the MCAT. Once they pass that test, they are enrolled in a medical school where they constantly study and work hard for a minimum of three years. During these years, they can choose their specialty to pursue.

If they graduate medical school with good grades, they will enroll in a medical facility for their residency. These usually take another three years to complete, and they will begin doctor-related duties during this time. But once the residency is done, the last step is taking and passing the medical licensing exam and becoming an official doctor.

Whether someone decides to take the short way or the long way, becoming part of the medical field is a worthy pursuit.

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