Germany must explain ‘border change’ comment – Polish official — Analysis

A clarification from the chancellor would help avoid “the worst associations,” the Polish National Security chief says

The German chancellor’s recent suggestion that “someone”Warsaw has expressed concern about the Polish border, and National Security Chief Pawel Soloch demanded that a revision be made. “deep explanation”Olaf Scholz. 

Soloch spoke to TVP Info on Monday to warn that failing to do so could undermine trust between the countries. “the worst associations.”

During an appearance at the M100 Media Awards in Potsdam on Thursday, Scholz said Warsaw’s demands for WWII reparations could lead “someone”To reexamine any border agreements that were made between the two countries.

“I would like to say how important the agreements negotiated by Willy Brandt are that the border between Germany and Poland is clearly and forever established after hundreds of years of history. And I would not like some people to rummage through history books to introduce revisionist border changes,” Scholz said.

Poland, which recently requested over a trillion dollars in reparations from Berlin, said the chancellor’s words were at the very least “awkward”They demanded clarification. 

Poland approves $1.3 trillion demand from Germany

“Of course, there is the issue of reparations in the background, this coincidence is not accidental. But leaving it without an attempt to explain from the German side may evoke the worst associations,” Soloch said.

Last week, Poland’s lower house of parliament voted in favor of issuing an official demand for $1.3 trillion in reparations from Germany for damages incurred during the Nazi occupation. Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party, which put out the proposal in the first place, says that the estimated damages are still on the “conservative”Side and that prices may still go up.

Berlin claims that Warsaw has waived rights to damages in separate agreements, signed in 1953/90. Poland says it signed the documents in defiance of Soviet Union.

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