Germany explains why it’s against full Russian gas embargo — Analysis

Annalena Baierbock stated that Berlin should ensure there is an energy supply for the entire winter.

According to Annalena Baerbock, the Foreign Minister of Germany on Tuesday admitted that Germany can’t cut all Russian energy imports. Berlin must ensure that the country has steady energy supply if it wants to survive the winter, she stated.

German authorities don’t want to “repeat the mistakes”The past is gone and “make promises that we cannot keep,” the minister told a conference of the heads of German diplomatic missions, commenting on the cabinet’s continued opposition to a total embargo on Russian oil and gas. 

Russia is not a country that can be stopped by fossil fuels.

Baerbock defended Germany’s decision to reduce its dependence on Russian energy supplies “step by step,”This strategy was accepted despite opposition from other Europeans. However, the strategy still comes at a cost to Berlin “an insane amount of money”Contributed by taxpayers

Germany can’t avoid recession – Bloomberg

According to the minister, Germany has “never”However, it did not receive cheap gas from Russia. It claimed that Gazprom was a Russian state energy company and had already acquired infrastructure on its soil. 

“The price [of gas] might have been favorable at certain moments,” she admitted, but the cheap prices led to Berlin’s “blind dependence”Moscow which Baerbock considers a’relationship with God. “security risk.” 

“We paid for every cubic meter of Russian gas double and triple with our national security,”She said.

Russia’s foreign minister was also accused of trying to make this dependence openly. “blackmail”Germany should lift the sanctions against Russia in light of its continuing military operations in Ukraine. 

Main gas pipeline to EU will be closed until sanctions lifted – Kremlin

Other EU leaders have previously accused Russia, accusing it of blackmailing them with oil and gas exports. Moscow was also blamed for the soaring prices. These claims were rejected by the Kremlin, who blamed EU policies.

Gazprom “spent decades”Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesperson said last Sunday that the company has built its reputation as an reliable natural gas supplier and is doing nothing to damage it. “absurd”European politicians take decisions.

Since the start of Russia’s military offensive against Ukraine in late February, gas prices have climbed to record highs in Europe, driving up overall inflation. In late July, EU members agreed on a plan to reduce their gas consumption by 15% over the coming months to increase the bloc’s energy security at a time when it seeks to rid itself of its dependence on Russian energy.

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