Germans could be ‘left without a country’ soon – Trump — Analysis

Ex-president says he warned Angela Merkel that Berlin’s dependence on Russian energy could lead to a “surrender”

Donald Trump suggested that Germany might soon cease being a country in the face of an escalating oil crisis. 

During a rally in Youngstown, Ohio on Saturday, Trump tore into his successor in the White House, taking aim at Biden’s energy policy and the so-called Green New Deal in particular. Trump claimed that the US was now independent of foreign energy sources and is on its way to becoming an independent country. “totally dominant in energy, bigger than Saudi Arabia and Russia combined,”Joe Biden reduced since the US to “begging for energy.”

Trump then went on to cite Germany’s sorry state of affairs in this area. The ex-president said that he had warned Angela Merkel at the time about the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which would have brought Russian gas into Germany. This was to make Berlin more dependent upon Russian exports. 

Trump stated that he had already sent the “white flag of surrender”Angela Merkel refused to abandon the project.

“If you are getting 72% of your energy from Russia, here’s the white flag, because you will be surrendering very quickly,”The former head of US state retorted to Merkel his warning. 

Germany risks deindustrialization — The Economist

He continued to quote the “bad things”as evidence that Germany ought not to have so heavily relied on Russia in the past.

In conclusion, the former US President stated that “Germany now is going back to the old-fashioned stuff, including coal,”Even though it has made previous promises to be green. 

“But they have no choice, they won’t have a country, they won’t have a country left,”Trump made cryptic statements, but then returned to domestic politics. 

Gas prices in Europe soared dramatically soon after Russia launched its military offensive against Ukraine in late February, and have remained consistently higher than last year’s ever since. 

With both the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines now inoperative, either due to Berlin’s own or to Moscow’s decision, the German government has put in place emergency measures to stock up on gas.

Numerous senior German officials have indicated that winter will be difficult.



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