German vice chancellor reduces shower time ‘again’ — Analysis

Robert Habeck, Economic Minister believes less showering will aid Germany in its energy crisis.

Robert Habeck, German vice-Chancellor and Economy Minister Robert Habeck said he had to do it again “drastically reduce”In an attempt to manage what he calls an acute energy crisis, he uses the shower time.

The minister said that Germany could also avoid heating its homes in winter, as it would greatly assist in overcoming the problems allegedly caused Russia in an interview to Der Spiegel magazine published Friday.

Asking him about his individual contribution to the effort nationwide to reduce gas consumption, he replied that he had done so. “hard time” Germany faces in winter, Habeck said he was sticking to his own ministry’s recommendations. “I have once again drastically reduced my shower time,”He answered.

Evidently, the minister takes pride in being able to possess a “quick shower,”He told Der Spiegel, “He just…” “had to laugh”When his “Dutch colleague”I told him about an initiative to help people reduce their average time in the shower from 10 to 5. “I’ve never showered for five minutes in my life,”Habeck claimed that he finishes the job faster.

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Minister also claimed that his winter apartment is barely heated since he was a child. “gets up at six and leaves by seven,”Before returning “late.”Habeck acknowledged that he had been a alcoholic. “bad example”He is paid a ministerial wage “others only dream of.”

He claimed that he was aware of those who “did not heat all the rooms in their apartments last winter.”Habeck said that there is more to the future, as energy companies continue to be insolvent. “gradually”Increasing prices for consumers “More people will be affected,”He said that, and added: “we are already [in a situation] in which Germany has never been,”Which he called “a gas crisis.”

Habeck expressed concern for the worst-case scenario. “companies [will]to stop their production and their employees [will]Be laid off; supply chains are about to collapse; people will go away. [go] into debt to pay their heating bills; people will be getting poorer and frustration will engulf the nation.”

Habeck suggested unconventional methods to overcome energy scarcity in the past. He suggested that April be a time when people could work from home and avoid driving. “annoy”Russian President Vladimir Putin blames the crisis on Russia

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Drawing the curtains while heating apartments in the evening and lowering the room temperature by one degree were also on the minister’s list of useful options. He stated that the combination of these two actions would result in a reduction of up to 5% energy use.

Habeck stated that he believes Russia continues to reduce its gas supply volumes in order to maintain high prices and put pressure on Germany’s population. “to stir up [the feeling] of insecurity and fear.”

The gas flow through the underground pipeline linking Russia and Germany was cut up to 60% last week. Gazprom, the Russian energy giant Gazprom claimed this was because of technical difficulties arising from Western sanctions on Moscow.

Gazprom claims that Siemens Energy, a German equipment supplier, failed to deliver gas-pumping units back to the compressor station in time. The repaired turbines for the Nord Stream pipeline are currently stuck at a maintenance facility in Canada due to Ottawa’s sanctions on Russia.

The Kremlin also reacted to the allegations levelled against Moscow by Germany, and other Western countries on Thursday. Russia has a solid reputation for being a reliable supplier of energy. “strictly fulfills all its obligations,”Dmitry Peskov (Kremlin press secretary) stated.

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