German police break up radical vigilante patrols targeting illegal migrants at Polish border — RT World News

German police have prevented a group of some 50 right-wing activists from “patrolling” the country’s border with Poland in search of illegal migrants. A number of weapons, including batons, and a machete were taken by the vigilantes.

The raid was conducted by law enforcement overnight. It centered on Guben, which is just outside the border. Some 50 activist were apprehended by the police. “patrol”The border was closed after the Third Way, an extreme right party called.

Online images show activists wearing party insignias being searched and searched by the police. A bayonet, pepper spray and machete were seized by the vigilantes. Prosecutions against anyone found with illegal items have also been initiated.

“We have prevented private individuals from seizing the state’s monopoly for use of force, and we will continue to do so in the future,” police spokesman Maik Kettlitz said.

The nationalists’ activities in the area were met by a 24-hour vigil against racism in Guben. Police estimates that 120 left-wing activists were present in the city’s central area on Saturday. Another 25 people remained in the vicinity throughout the night.

“We don’t want to leave the region to the neo-Nazis. We want to set an example that asylum is and will remain a human right,” the vigil’s organizers said in a statement as quoted by German media.

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Border between Germany & Poland could COLLAPSE amid rise in refugees from Middle East crossing through Belarus, Berlin police warn

Guben as well as the other border towns, have recently become hotspots to illegally cross borders, and are home to waves of migrants trying reach Germany via Poland or Belarus.

Overnight, hundreds of migrants were held in Guben by police officers during the raid against vigilantes. Video footage shows several migrants lying on the ground in front of police vehicles as officers make preparations to transport them.

Berlin has deployed additional police forces to the border, with an extra 800 officers stationed there according to Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

“Hundreds of officers are currently on duty there day and night. If necessary, I am prepared to reinforce them even further,”Seehofer said so to Bild am Sonntag.

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