Gay Santa Claus ad causes controversy — Analysis

Norway’s postal service has released a lavishy-produced advert depicting a homosexual relationship between Santa Claus and a man named Harry. Mixed reactions were received online to this LGBT love affair that ended in a kiss.

Produced to mark 50 years since Norway decriminalized homosexuality, ‘When Harry Met Santa’ depicts the blossoming love affair between a Norwegian man and Father Christmas himself. Over several years, Santa visits ‘Harry,’ and the pair fall for each other. The advert ends with a passionate kiss between the two men, as Posten, the country’s postal service, handles Santa’s deliveries for the night.

Gay rights organizations and LGBT advocates adored the ad. “strong and moving message of inclusion,”You can find more information here quoteRandall Garrison, Canadian Member of Parliament

Andere were not as enthusiastic. “Leave Santa alone!”Only one tweeted. “Sexualisation of him is just wrong…whether gay or straight. I find this ad creepy and disturbing!”

The ongoing culture war is bitterly contested. Christmas has been reimagined each year in order to fit woke causes. Father Christmas isn’t the only festive tradition that conservatives accuse the woke of assailing. Famous Christmas songs have been attacked for supposedly sexist lyrics, and the holiday season’s religious roots have been described as a celebration of “Christian privilege.”

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