Fuel tanker inferno leaves at least 40 dead (VIDEO) — Analysis

After a fuel truck overturned in Cap Haitien (Haiti), more than 40 people were killed, and many homes were destroyed. It was attempted to siphon fuel from the tanker. The truck then exploded.

Officials in Haiti stated Tuesday that around 40 bodies had been discovered and more were injured by a horrific incident in Cap Haitien, a port city in Haiti. It happened at midnight local time.  

According to the country’s RHI News, the city’s deputy interim executive officer, Patrick Almonor, said the explosion occurred when a fuel tanker unsuccessfully attempted to avoid a biker in the Samaria area of Cap Haitien, a working-class neighborhood.

According to Almonor, the truck flipped over during the maneuver. This led many residents of the neighborhood to attempt to steal gasoline from the wrecked vehicle. Almonor cited witnesses to claim that the tanker then exploded. 

He stated that authorities have counted 40 dead bodies. Many people are injured, and many are seriously ill. He claimed that several were rushed to Justinian University Hospital and stressed that it was not equipped to handle the tragedy. 

According to doctors from the hospital, they are overwhelmed by the number of patients being received in their courtyard. 

Almonor stated that 40 houses were destroyed in the aftermath of the blast.



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