‘Kidnapped’ journalists released in Afghanistan — Analysis

Two journalists, as well as a few Afghan citizens were released by Taliban. This was confirmed by UN.

According to the UN Refugee Agency, two British journalists were on assignment for UN as well as a few Afghan nationals who worked alongside them. They were both released on Friday evening. They were part of an alleged group. “kidnapped” by Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban earlier that day.

“We are relieved to confirm the release in Kabul of the two journalists on assignment with UNHCR, and the Afghan nationals working with them,”The UNHCR added that in a Twitter, “We are grateful to all who expressed concern and offered help.”

UNHCR made the announcement of the Afghan reporters’ arrest earlier Friday but didn’t offer further details. Afghanistan’s former vice president, Amrullah Saleh, however, announced their names and said they were “kidnapped”Together with seven other Western citizens. 

Former BBC reporter ‘kidnapped by Taliban’ – ex-Afghan VP

It was not immediately clear whether Saleh mistook the reporters’ Afghan companions for Westerners.

Saleh’s journalists were Andrew North (former BBC correspondent) and Peter Juvenal (former British soldier, now a freelance journalist). North, a former BBC reporter who worked alone since 2014; Juvenal, a former British soldier who was a BBC cameraman and now owns a Kabul restaurant. 

The Taliban have not yet commented on these alleged arrests.

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