Fresh outbreaks of highly contagious bird flu confirmed in Europe — RT World News

Several outbreaks of the highly contagious H5N1 avian flu have cropped up across Poland’s poultry farms, affecting over half a million birds, animal health officials have said. A similar outbreak was reported in England Monday.

On Monday, the World Organisation for Animal Health(OIE) announced the Polish outbreaks. Five of them were in the east. The outbreaks occurred at four turkey-fattening plants and one at an poultry broiler farm. Another outbreak of the disease was also discovered in Poland at a poultry and geese farming.

Nearly 650,000 fowl at the country’s farms have been contaminated with the highly pathogenic bird flu, the OIE said.

In a statement released by Poland’s Chief Inspectorate Veterinary on Saturday, the body said that it implements disease control measures at farms which suffer bird flu outbreaks. The actions include the death of infected birds, disinfecting and deep cleaning contaminated areas, as well as establishing infectious zones. also available
France orders lockdown… for domestic fowl over bird-flu threat

Warsaw faces a bird flu epidemic, but it is not the only city. After an influenza outbreak at a small poultry farm, a 3km and 10km zone of protection were established in Warwickshire.

To stop spread of highly contagious strains, poultry owners living in the zone will need to keep track of visitors. Any owners within 3km of their bird will be required to quarantine them.

According to H5N1, the mortality rate in people who are infected by infected fowl is approximately 53%. According to World Health Organization data 863 H5N1 infections have been reported worldwide between 2003 and 2020. 456 were fatal.

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