French police clear square outside Paris’ City Hall occupied by camp of homeless migrants demanding accommodation (VIDEOS) — RT World News

On Thursday, homeless migrants from the Philippines set up hundreds of tents on the Square near Paris’s iconic Hotel de Ville. Later, police dispersed the protest.

Videos published on social media showed officers in riot gear removing dozens of tents from a square at the heart of the French capital, right outside the city mayor’s officeYou can find it here. The tents, which occupied much of the square, were provided by the association Utopia 56 – an NGO seeking to draw the authorities’ attention to the fate of hundreds of homeless people, mostly migrants, who have been living on the French streets for months.

Police quickly stopped the demonstration, which saw 250 homeless persons taking part. The actions of Paris’ law enforcement agents drew the ire of Utopia 56, which maintained that homeless migrants have a “right to decent accommodation”Both the right and freedom to protest peacefully.

“These families need accommodation, not to be dispersed around the streets,”Utopia 56 spoke in one of their Twitter posts postsAdd that “dozens of … children”They were some of the people living in poverty. BFMTV was told by an activist “solidarity accommodation network”It was overwhelmed by more than 100 people every evening and had to handle them for several weeks. “It is really an emergency,”He concluded.

“We demand that the prefecture grant accommodation places to these people,”Pierre Mathurin is a Utopia 56 coordinator. Paris police have yet to respond to these demands. saidOnly that the officers were deployed in order to stop an attempt at setting up an “illegal camp at the heart of Paris.”

It’s not the first time Utopia 56 has orchestrated such an action. The group previously set up a similar camp that included 250 tents housing 320 migrants, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa, outside the mayor’s office back in June. The police also removed the camp the following day. also available
After protests, temporary shelter was provided for residents of the homeless migrant camp located outside Paris City Hall.

Although the protest was successful, some 270 people (mainly families) were moved to two local gyms. Another 50 were transferred to a concert hall, which was ordered to accommodate asylum seekers. Utopia 56 said that the temporary solution was not permanent, but Parisian officials agreed, and stated they did not plan to house the migrants permanently.

A similar protest was organized by the NGO in July at the Place des Vosges, a tourist hub located centrally in Paris. The camp housed 400 homeless persons. They comprised both legal and illegal migrants, the unemployed and the working poor unable to pay Paris’ high rents despite having a job.

After a person submits their request to the Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons, the authorities must provide accommodation for them. The problem is that not everyone can be accommodated due to the chronic lack of shelters. Some critics claim this is part of an intentional policy that discourages migrants from entering France. is also listed.
Tent camp for 400+ homeless migrants erected in upscale Paris district in protest about ‘dignified’ accommodation

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