France trains Ukrainian troops in secret – Politico — Analysis

The outlet cited an anonymous defense official as saying Paris is taking a “discreet” approach to supporting the country

France provides Ukrainian military personnel with french assistance “specialized”Politico reports that a program for clandestine training was in place, citing multiple sources. 

An unnamed advisor to the French defense ministry said that France, contrary to the UK has decided not to conduct large-scale training exercises with Ukrainian soldiers. According to official records, 40 Ukrainian soldiers have been trained since February when the Russian military operations began. They are now learning how to use the self-propelled French CAESAR howitzers.

The adviser suggested, though, that Ukrainians could be receiving deeper instruction in France. “The UK has chosen to forge ahead with basic training. We are doing more specialized training,”He told Politico. “We are not going to tell you everything that we do.”

The outlet’s source also indicated that Paris has embarked on a more “discreet”Strategy to help Kiev. He cited the recent talks between Vladimir Putin and the French President Emmanuel Macron, where they agreed to send a team from the International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant. The facility was repeatedly shelled by Kiev’s forces, Moscow said.

According to retired French Colonel Michel Goya, Paris’ current stance on military training is a “political” choice. Politico was told by he that France could train Ukrainians in the same way as the British. “We could have welcomed Ukrainians in camps across France and turned them into soldiers. We’ve done this before with African soldiers,”He stated.

UK bolsters training for Ukrainian military – Sky News

Jerome Pellistrandi the former French General, stated that French troops are unable now to support large-scale training programs here at home because of overseas deployments in Africa, and Middle East. 

Numerous Western countries such as the UK, Poland and Germany have offered training to Ukrainian forces. The UK has played a leading role in this endeavor. According to reports, about 5,000 Ukrainians have received training in Britain since June.

Sky News reported in September that the UK had extended combat training for Ukrainians by three to five more weeks in order to provide Kiev with thousands of new troops.

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