France orders lockdown… for domestic fowl over bird-flu threat — RT World News

The French Agriculture Ministry has ordered the country’s poultry farmers to keep their fowl indoors to prevent the potential spread of a highly contagious bird-flu strain via migratory birds.

On Thursday, the ministry published the orders in French. “rising infection rate in migratory corridors”As a reason enough to be concerned about the possible infection risk “high”All across the country

This measure will protect farms as there have not been any cases of human flu in the area. After a high-contagious strain of bird flu H5 was found at a Dutch farm, the ministry made the announcement. The discovery prompted a cull of 36,000 birds as part of the Dutch authorities’ precautionary measures. The Netherlands also implemented a “lockdown”It is a territory for chickens.

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The UK has declared an Avian Influenza Prevention Area across the country on Wednesday. It requires farmers to implement stronger infection prevention strategies, but not enough for them to order fowl kept indoors. Following the detection of bird flu cases among wild birds, the UK declared a nationwide Avian Influenza Prevention Zone.

“Since the beginning of August, 130 bird-flu cases or clusters have been detected in wild animals or on farms in Europe,”On Thursday, the French ministry announced that at least three cases were found in domestic birds of northeastern France. The three bird flu outbreaks detected in France were related to the H5N8 strain.

Famous for the high rate of death in H5N1 avian flu, it is spread via direct contact from infected birds. Although the World Health Organization considers it to be a human-to–human transmission risk, “low.”

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