France is breaking European Covid records — Analysis

France is Europe’s leader in covid cases, as the number of Covid cases soars to record highs.

French Health Minister Olivier Véran said that France will report 208,000 cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday, breaking the previous national and European record set a day earlier. Case numbers across the continent are on the rise.

Véran announced the figure in parliament on Wednesday, saying that it had been recorded over the preceding 24 hours. Tuesday’s figure of 179,800 was already the highest daily number of cases reported in France or any other European country since the coronavirus pandemic began almost two years ago.

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“The figures which will be published this evening by Public Health France show a continual increase in the number of contaminations in our country, these are figures which make you dizzy,”According to the minister, lawmakers were informed.

Véran said that two people in France are testing positive for Covid-19 every second, and that the Delta variant of the coronavirus is leading to a “worrying” There has been an increase in hospitalizations. However, the Omicron strain is still causing infection but not putting the hospital systems under stress.

Moreover, Véran said that an epidemic of flu infections is also threatening hospitals.

The minister stated Tuesday that “everything suggests”France could see up to 250,000 Covid-19 daily by January.

The surge in cases comes despite roughly three quarters of France’s population being fully vaccinated, according to data from the World Health Organization. France also requires that citizens show proof of prior infected or vaccination to be allowed to use bars, restaurants and cafes as well as public transportation, since mid-summer. The President Emanuel Macron also rejected mandatory vaccination.

The current caseload has nearly doubled in size since Christmas Day and almost tripled during the previous spike last November. However, there have been no deaths. Tuesday saw 256 people die from the virus, compared to 2,000 in April 2020.

France is not the only European nation that broke records this week. Italy had 78,000 Covid-19 infections. Portugal, Greece, Portugal, and England all recorded 17172 cases. England only had 117.093. The four nations all exceeded their previous records.



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