France hits new record in daily Covid cases — Analysis

France reported new Covid-19 patients in the last 24 hours. This is the most since April, according to the country’s national health agency. Also, hospitalizations are on the rise.

New daily infections surpassed 59,000 for the first time since April 8, when the nation saw a whopping 84,999 new cases – the highest since the start of the epidemic. French officials also noted an increase in hospital admissions. These numbers rose by 618, to 12,714, which also marks the second-highest increase in hospital admissions this year after only April 6, with 732 additional patients admitted. 

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France detects multiple suspected Omicron cases

The number of patients in intensive care units (ICU) rose by 160 to 2,351, which is also close to this year’s daily record of 193 reported on April 6. The overall hospitalizations of ICU patients and ICU patients remain between two to three times less than April’s total of 30,600 Covid-19 patient in ICU and 5,600 in hospitals. 

According to official data, around 76% are fully vaccinated in France. More than 50 million French citizens received two or more vaccine doses. 

The French government closed nightclubs for the next four weeks in response to the increase in cases. Jean Castex, the Prime Minister of France, announced this on Monday. He was himself released from quarantine last Wednesday.

He also called upon employers to promote work-from-home and explained that employees would need to have health insurance to be able to eat at outdoor Christmas markets. 

Schools must also enforce social distancing rules and expand mask requirements.



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