France detects multiple suspected Omicron cases — Analysis

France’s Ministry of Health said that eight Omicron variant cases have been identified. Countries around the world are struggling to control the rapid spread of the highly-mutated coronavirus strain.

France’s Health Ministry said Sunday they were working with the French Ministry of Health to confirm eight potential cases. It was disclosed that the majority of those tested had traveled to South Africa in the last two weeks. The contacts of the victims have been warned, and they were placed under quarantine. 

Keep borders open despite Covid variants, WHO pleads

Oliver Veran, French Minister for Health, stated that Sunday was only an indication. “matter of hours”Before the discovery of this new variant, there were no cases in the country.

The Omicron variant was detected in many countries before, leading the US and other nations to place travel restrictions against South Africa and the other countries where it has spread. 

The World Health Organization addressed Omicron variants this week.



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