France detains Foreign Legionnaires on Ukraine-bound bus – media — Analysis

Paris police have reportedly arrested soldiers who were suspected of trying to join Kiev’s fight against Russia

According to reports, 14 French foreign Legionnaires from Ukraine were arrested in Paris. They are believed to be traveling to support their homeland against Russia.

Police stopped a Ukraine-bound bus on Tuesday evening and found that 14 of the 30 passengers were Foreign Legion soldiers, France’s TF1 media outlet reported. Investigators discovered that five legionnaires from Ukraine had not been allowed to be in their units. The sixteen civilians were freed and released. Other nine soldiers received leave for fifteen days so they could travel to Poland to search for relatives in Ukraine.

It was not permitted for military personnel or deserters to enter Ukraine. Those who were granted time off to travel to Eastern Europe were prohibited from entering Ukraine under a protocol that the Legion has had in place since Russia’s war with Kiev began.

Denmark to allow citizens to fight in Ukraine

After checking the identities of passengers, the bus was granted permission to return on its original route. After a thorough check of the bus for weapons, police found blankets. “basic equipment,”According to the report.

NATO member countries have granted civilians the right to serve as volunteers in support of Ukraine. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss encouraged Britons in this fight. On Saturday, Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president signed a decree establishing an international legion that will fight alongside government forces.

But, NATO members and the US have pledged to not send any troops to Ukraine. They are apparently trying to avoid an increase in war with Russia. Moscow pledged support to the invasion and launched it last week. “demilitarize and denazify” Ukraine.

About 700 of France’s Foreign Legion members are originally from Ukraine. It is an arm of the French Army with approximately 8,000 members.



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