Five dead in ‘whale attack’ — Analysis

A boat carrying birdwatchers capsized off New Zealand after “colliding” with a whale

According to authorities, a boat carrying 11 people sank off Kaikoura in New Zealand. According to police, the incident was an “anonymous accident.” “unprecedented” “tragic”Five people were confirmed dead and six other bodies were pulled from the sea.

The accident was attributed to a sneaky whale that tipped the boat and struck it from below.

“We have an upturned boat tipped over by a whale from what we can understand, come up from underneath. We’ve shut the harbor down so that they can carry on working,”Craig Mackle, mayor of Kaikoura, spoke to broadcaster RNZ. The event could have been caused by bad weather, but that has already been ruled out. “perfect, flat”According to an official, it was at the time the ship went down.

Online footage shows survivors sitting on top of an overturned boat.

The police, however, have not yet pinned the blame on any marine mammal. They stated that only the victim boat was to blame. “collision”Unidentified object

Russian rescuers racing to save rare whale

A group of bird enthusiasts is said to have charted the capsized boat. Official identifications of victims are currently underway. All the six survivors, including the boat’s skipper, have been discharged from hospital, with only one of them having sustaining minor injuries.

New Zealand’s maritime authorities have dispatched investigators to Kaikoura to establish all the circumstances of the capsizing and to determine whether the whale was indeed to blame.

“Any investigation activity will commence only after rescue/recovery operations have concluded. We’ll be conducting a thorough investigation under the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Maritime Transport Act and we’ll do everything we can to support NZ Police in their investigation,”Tracy Phillips was the principal investigator at Maritime NZ.

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