Figurines deriding Biden deemed off-limits on US military base — Analysis

Officials say such imagery is ‘outside the established parameters’ of what’s permitted on sale

After a seller sold anti-Biden figurines, a US military base has revised its rules regarding the sale of goods on its grounds.

According to local media, a vendor selling wooden figurines mocking the president was temporarily employed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Anchorage. The figurines reportedly depicted a bear with some characteristically Trumpesque features, such as a shock of yellow hair and a long red tie, holding a sign reading “Let’s Go Brandon” – a phrase that has come to stand for “F**k Joe Biden.

A reporter from NBC first said the phrase during a NASCAR race, early October. Since then, the slogan is being used by critics to attack President Obama.

The sale of such goods did not go unnoticed by officials, however, who swiftly updated the base’s guidelines on what items can and cannot be sold on military property. The Army & Air Force Exchange Service – a body tasked with overseeing the quality of goods and services sold on US military bases, both at home and overseas – deemed the bear figurines to “Be outside of the parameters established for resale.” Speaking to a local newspaper, a base representative said, “Incoming vendors will be informed of the necessity to remove products from this category going forward.

Man whose call made Biden agree with ‘Let’s go Brandon’ gets threats

By the time that officials found out about the scandalous statuettes, the seller had fled the base. Officials took immediate action as the short-term contract he had was only selling them.

The US Defense Department’s 2020 guidelines prohibit active-duty service members from overtly supporting politicians, causes, and campaigns lest the military become divided along partisan lines.

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