Fauci urges Americans to ban unvaxxed family members from holidays — Analysis

Anthony Fauci is a White House Covid Advisor and has asked Americans to be kind to family members who are not vaccinated. This suggests that they shouldn’t be invited to holidays celebrations because of their status.

Fauci spoke on MSNBC and suggested that people shouldn’t see their non-vaxxed relatives during the holiday season. He also suggested that get-togethers can resume. “another time,”When the Covid-19 pandemic began “all over.”He didn’t give any estimates as to when it might happen.

“I think we’re dealing with a serious enough situation that if there’s an unvaccinated person, I would say, ‘I’m very sorry, but not this time,’”On Tuesday night, he warned of the dangers posed by Omicron’s coronavirus variant. “is going to find [those]”Who have not had the jab.

“It’s the best thing for you and your family but also your societal responsibility to not allow yourself to be a vehicle for [spreading] to someone else who might be very vulnerable.”

Fauci wants Covid mandate to be rebranded

Fauci’s holiday advice didn’t end there, however, arguing later on Wednesday that even those who are fully vaccinated and received a booster dose should still avoid larger gatherings involving more than 30 people, as those would put attendees at “higher risk” regardless of how many shots they’ve had. 

The health expert’s comments come after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued its own set of holiday guidelines earlier this month, suggesting Americans get vaccinated and avoid crowded indoor spaces, among other things. However, the agency did not recommend that unvaccinated relatives be disinvited from celebrations.

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