Facebook attacks media over not-yet-published reports and accuses it of orchestrated ‘gotcha’ campaign — RT World News

Spooked by impending reports of revelations from leaked papers, the embattled company has accused journalists of orchestrating a ‘gotcha’ campaign against it, and claims they are misrepresenting its actions.

Facebook was in trouble in the last few weeks due to Frances Haugen (an ex-employe) bringing the matter up and criticizing the company’s inability to deal with harmful content, and placing profit before the welfare of its users. A series of reports were simultaneously published in the media, revealing the social media giant’s allegedly shady policies. Among other purported misdemeanors, the company was accused of knowing about the damage inflicted on the metal health of teenage girls by its Instagram platform and of allowing high-profile users to violate Facebook’s rules without consequences. also available
Facebook understands the damage that Instagram influencers could cause to people’s lives. It’s time someone took responsibility

Now, according to a thread that appeared on Facebook’s account on Twitter on Monday, another slew of bombshell articles about the tech giant’s internal operations is about to drop.

The posts, attributed to Facebook’s vice president for communications, John Pinette, were apparently aimed at minimizing the possible fallout.

Over 30 journalists were involved. “finishing up a coordinated series of articles based on thousands of pages of leaked documents”Facebook, part of “an orchestrated ‘gotcha’ campaign”Pinette wrote against the company.

But he claimed, “a curated selection out of millions of documents at Facebook can in no way be used to draw fair conclusions about us,”Some reports are likely to be based upon papers. “work in progress”This never became actual decision-making.

Previous articles that were critical of Facebook had shown this. “how documents can be mischaracterized,”He said.

Pinette’s clarification that “not every employee at Facebook is an executive; not every opinion is the company’s position” suggest the upcoming reports may feature further revelations from the tech giant’s staff. is also available
Facebook has revealed how it suppresses news it doesn’t like and decides what’s true and what isn’t. It’s chillingly Orwellian

“We expect the press to hold us accountable, given our scale and role in the world. But when reporting misrepresents our actions and motivations, we believe we should correct the record,”He tweeted his explanation of the reason for the thread.

Pinette stated that Facebook is ready to work with her. “engage on the substance” with those media outlets that weren’t part of the campaign against it.

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