Examples of Successful Startups

Examples of Successful Startups


Year after year many employees wish to become employers by starting their own business. This was even more so during the 2020 Pandemic where many people really thought about trying to venture out on their own. However, some prefer not to take the chance of starting their own business because of the fear of it not becoming successful. Anything worthwhile takes a lot of work and dedication and some think that they can not become that successful startup. However, one can get inspiration by taking a look at some examples of successful startups as Alexander Djerassi thinks entrepreneurs can actually learn a thing or two from these companies. Let’s begin here and take a look.


1. A simple idea of taking advantage of meeting a need, AirBnB came about when San Francisco was having a design conference and all hotels were booked full to capacity. That’s when AirBnB owners thought of renting three airbeds on their living room floor and serving breakfast and just like that AirBnB became a successful startup business by doing a blog and later developing a website.

2. Famous for creating an app in 8 weeks flat, a Stanford graduate came up with this idea to build an app that would include note sharing and photos that were location aware. Later, the app got reduced to only photos and became Instagram. As anyone should know, in todays’ world of social media Instagram is one of the most used photo and video sharing services. This is one of the fun photo apps that can be edited by using filters and can be organized by using hashtags tagging geographically. One’s posts can be shared with followers who are pre approved or it can be publicly shared. Users of Instagram can browse other content by what’s trending, locations or by tags.

3. LinkedIn was started out of the founders living room. Having begun with 350 invites to create their own profiles and join him, he got on the path to the final product. Today, LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms used for networking and finding jobs. LinkedIn allows professionals to connect. Out of work employees can post and provide their Resume'(or CVs as they are called) and employers can provide and post job information. The numbers are pure wonderment, to think, starting with only 350 invites to what is now 756 million registered members from territories and countries all over the globe.

4. Imagine being in Paris, France, and realizing just how hard it is to find a cab. This set the founders of Uber to brainstorming and thinking of how to find needed transportation or cars at the needed place and time. From this need of being able to get a cab when desired, spawned Uber Technologies, Inc which not only services ride-hailing but food and package delivery along with the ability for customers to rent motorized scooters and electric bikes.


After all of this, one should now understand why Alexander Djerassi thinks entrepreneurs should learn from these companies.


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