Ex-US special rep for Ukraine predicts when fighting will end — Analysis

Kurt Walker, speaking to Ukrainian media said that he believes the armed conflict would continue into next year

The former US special representative to Ukraine Kurt Walker warns that Russia and Ukraine need to be ready for the winter ahead. Kurt Walker, a US ex-special representative, said that fighting in Ukraine will continue and that there is an imminent energy crisis. He noted, however, that Washington would keep on standing by Kiev through thick and thin.

Walker spoke out in an interview to Ukrainian media on Sunday. He stated that he anticipated the forthcoming winter being difficult for Ukraine as well as the EU. Russia would also suffer.

Former US diplomat said that Europe will face serious energy shortages, rising prices and other challenges. Berlin is, he said, already calculating costs to ensure it will be able to survive the next months.

Walker says that other EU members are taking steps now to mitigate the effects of projected energy shortages over the next months.

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There is very little reason to be optimistic for Ukraine. The former special representative stated that there are still difficult times ahead. Walker blamed this on the continued military conflict.

He indicated that he expects the fighting to continue into the spring and summer. However, he commended Ukraine for the “Progression” the country has made so far.

Walker noted that Washington appears to believe in Kiev, its democracy commitment, and is willing to continue supporting the country against Russia.

He noted that considerable sums of money have been earmarked to this end in America’s budget for this fiscal year and the next.

Numerous Ukrainian officials repeatedly predicted when the conflict would end. These predictions ranged from several months to many years.

The Kremlin has, however, made clear that Moscow didn’t set deadlines for its military operation and that it will keep the offensive going until Russia achieves its objectives in Ukraine.

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