Ex-president faces extradition to US — Analysis

Honduras Supreme Court accepts ex-leader on charges of drug trafficking.

The top court has denied Juan Orlando Hernandez’s final appeal on Monday, authorizing the extradition of the former president at the request of Washington, to face several drug and gun-related charges.

Hernandez, who is currently facing a possible life sentence for multiple offenses in the US, could be convicted of a variety of charges. “conspiracy to import a controlled substance”And a “conspiracy to use or carry firearms.”

New York Federal Court has accused Hernandez, of making a profit from the illegal drug trade in Honduras. It is considered a significant transit country for the smuggling of narcotics into the US. While in office, he allegedly received briefcases stuffed with cash from drug cartels and actively participated in organized crime. Tony Hernandez, his younger brother and ex-congressman, was sentenced to life by a US Court last year.

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In February 2014, the ex-leader, who was in control of Honduras from January 2014 through January 2015, was taken into police custody in his capital Tegucigalpa, just a few days after Washington requested his extradition. According to the Supreme Court’s spokesman, Melvin Duarte, the former leader has no further options to appeal and all that remains is the paperwork to finalize.

Hernandez denies all accusations against him and indicated that he is ready to defend himself in US court. The ex-president claimed again his innocence in a letter that was shared with his wife. He also stated that he was the victim. “revenge and conspiracy”by drug traffickers who were previously exonerated by the government.

“In the end I realize there is the possibility facing three life sentences, which could become a living death for me,”Hernandez’s writings were cited in the Associated Press.

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