Ex-president arrested at US request — Analysis

Juan Orlando Hernandez was the ex-leader of Honduras and was taken into police custody for drug charges

Law enforcement in Honduras on Monday arrested the country’s ex-president Juan Orlando Hernandez, who is wanted in the US over his alleged involvement in drug trafficking and other crimes. Hernandez indicated that Hernandez was open to giving himself up.

Former leader who ruled Honduras from 2014 to January 2015 was taken into police custody in his capital Tegucigalpa home. After the US had issued an extradition request, police surrounded the structure and entered the premises after a warrant was issued by a Honduran court.

New York Federal Court has accused Hernandez, of making a profit from the illegal drug trade in Honduras. It is considered a significant transit country for the smuggling of narcotics into the US. He was accused of receiving briefcases filled with money from the drug cartels, and actively participated in organized crime while in office. Tony Hernandez, his younger brother is in prison serving life after being sentenced to death by an American court.

Former president surrounded after US request

He has refuted all charges against him. The former president stated in an audio statement that he would defend himself against the US justice system.

Widespread allegations of widespread corruption within government, as well as mass demonstrations marred the Hernandez presidency. The party that he was part of pushed for constitutional changes to allow him to run again in 2017. He won what observers called an unfair election. He didn’t seek a third term in the 2021 general election. Leftist candidate Xiomara Castro beat her opponent from Hernandez’s National Party last year.

Before that, the National Party had won every election in Honduras since the 2009 military coup, which ousted Castro’s husband, Manuel Zelaya. Ironically, Honduran Generals justified Castro’s takeover by accusing the general of wanting to change the constitution in order to be able to run again for the second term.

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