Everything You Need to Know Before Watching The Book of Boba Fett

Disney+ will soon open a new book, this one coming from an obscure library. Boba Fett’s Book, a new series that’s a spin-off of the acclaimed Star WarsPlease show MandalorianThe premiere of, is scheduled for December 29.

Although there is not much to do except stand and look cool in the original trilogy, (in) Empires Strike Back) and seemingly dying like a chump (in Return of the Jedi), Boba Fett has long been one of the franchise’s most popular characters. In several comics, books and comics that Boba Fett was able to escape death, Disney removed him from the official Disney canon. Episode VIIHowever, MandalorianHis return to The Star Wars universe. Boba was a teaser character in the initial season. In season 2, he was back, played by Temuera Morrison. New Zealand actor Type This is reprised his role because he played Boba Fett’s father, Jango Fett, in Attack of the Clones, and since Boba is an identical clone of Jango, they’re basically the same.
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Boba Fett went on an adventure with the titular Mandalorian to finish off the season, but the finale’s post-credits scene teased that he would be getting his own series which would follow him to Tatooine where he seems poised to take over Jabba the Hutt’s crime empire. For what it looks like Star Wars’ take on organized crime, let’s go over some Boba Fett backstory.

Boba Fett is who?

LucasfilmTemuera Morrison in Boba Fett’s Book

Boba Fett made his live-action debut in 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back But it’s not easy. Star Wars Many fans will point out, without doubt, that the animated segment he appeared first in was in 1978. Star Wars Holiday Special. However, his first appearance chronologically in the franchise was in Attack of the Clones. The movie features Boba, a small child (played here by Daniel Logan), as Obi Wan Kenobi (Ewan McCGregor) journeys to Kamino to investigate Clone Army rumors. Every single clone trooper was a modified copy of Jango Fett, a Mandalorian (though not as devout one as Pedro Pascal’s title character in Mandalorian). Boba was different, as he was the only clone that wasn’t altered to age faster or be more obedient. There was also a special Jango clone named Omega. She appeared in the animated version. Bad Batch But series probably won’t factor into Boba Fett’s Book.)

Boba was Jango’s son, for all intents and purposes, but he didn’t get to spend too much time with dear old dad because Jango died fighting Jedi in the big battle that closed out Episode II. Animation series The Clone WarsIt helps to fill the gap of Boba’s story after Mace Windu killed his father, but it is most of what occurred between Episodes II IVThis happens offscreen. At some point, he started wearing his dad’s Mandalorian armor and became a bounty hunter, eventually taking a job with Darth Vader to help try to capture Luke Skywalker. Boba captured Han Solo, frozen him in carbonite and then sold the Hansicle on to Jabba The Hutt the crime lord.

Boba hung around Jabba’s palace on the desert planet Tatooine, but when Luke and his pals pulled off their (convoluted) plan to rescue Han, Boba suffered a jetpack malfunction and went plummeting into the jaws of a Sarlaac — a buried monster that slowly digests its prey over the course of 1,000 years. It was an inglorious end to a surprise fan-favorite character…or was it?

Boba Fett did what? Mandalorian?

LucasfilmTemuera Morrison in Boba Fett’s Book

Canonically, that’s the last anybody saw of Boba until he reappeared in Mandalorian. It is not known how he managed to escape the Sarlaac, but it seems that he did. Vanth, a local called Timothy Olyphant, found his armor and wore it. Vanth then gave the Mandalorian armour to him. The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin) after the pair killed a menacing Krayt Dragon together. Boba is able to locate Din on Tython with Fennec Shand (Ming Na Wen), who was a bounty hunter that he helped save his life. Boba proves his dad’s Mandalorian heritage and then just lays waste to a ton of stormtroopers. He ends the season by accompanying Din and the Mandalorian’s other various allies on a mission to rescue Grogu, aka Baby Yoda.

Boba, Fennec and the crew completed their mission. They then boarded the ship Slave I and began the journey to Tattooine. The pair strolled into Jabba’s mostly abandoned palace, quickly dispatched of Bib Fortuna, one of Jabba’s lackeys who had seemingly been running the place, and took a seat in the throne. Based on trailers Boba Fett’s BookFennec will play the role of Boba in this series. 2. They build a criminal empire in the space left by Jabba.

Boba Fett’s Book This will give you the best look yet at Boba Fett’s character. Star WarsAlthough the series is considered canon, there are many other stories that deal with bounty hunters. Prior to Disney’s takeover of the franchise in 2012, Boba was a regular feature in what was then called the Expanded Universe—a sprawling series of books, comics, and video games. Boba, a Mandalorian warrior and determined character escapes from the Sarlaac in that film. He went on to become the leader of the Mandalorians during an intergalactic war and eventually trained one of Leia and Han’s children to kill the other one after their turn to the dark side. However, none of that is canon (the Expanded Universe has been renamed “Star Wars Legends”) so The Book of BobaThis will mark a new chapter for the character. However, the movies and shows may borrow from or remix the Legends characters and plots.

What are our expectations? Boba Fett’s Book?

LucasfilmJennifer Beals Boba Fett’s Book

For promotional material Boba Fett’s BookThe plot has remained vague but the basic concept seems fairly clear. Boba claims to be done bounty hunting and wants to run the criminal underworld Jabba once controlled. He’s gathered Jabba’s former generals and is proposing that they work together to their mutual benefit and wealth. Where Jabba ruled with fear, Boba will rule with respect (although given how good Boba is at killing his enemies, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to be A littleHe is the one to be afraid of.

Boba and Fennec have been confirmed as the only known characters. Boba Fett’s BookHowever, it is important to know how. MandalorianFans love to see old faces and bring back favorite characters. Watto is my personal favorite. You can also see other characters in MandalorianIt is possible that the series might also pop up as it is more closely related to the flagship Star WarsSeries than any spin-offs, like Rosario Dawson-led Ahsoka.

Boba Fett’s BookIt boasts many of the same creative staff that Mandalorian did, as it’s being executive produced by Jon Favreau. Dave Filoni was the man behind the popular Clone WarsLucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, Robert Rodriguez and the directors of animated series also produce these animated series. MandalorianBoba’s violent return to the screen in this episodeMandalorian composer Ludwig Göransson also returns to score the spin-off. Filming began for this series in November 2020. The same revolutionary LED screen projection techniques were used in filming in Mandalorian.

First of Boba Fett’s Book’s seven episodes premieres on Disney+ on Dec. 29, with new episodes debuting every following Wednesday. On February 9, the finale airs.


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