Everything You Need to Know About Abandoned cart SMS?

Abandoned cart SMS reminders are text messages which are automatically send after an online shopper adds products to their cart but leaves without completing their checkout. These text messages can only be triggered and sent if you have a phone number and marketing consent from the customer.

Abandoned cart SMS is a perfect way to motivate clients to complete their orders. Not only are they unobtrusive, but in an overcrowded mailbox such as discarded cart emails, they are much less likely to get missed or overlooked.

How to send abandoned cart text messages?

Please keep it simple

Your text message about your abandoned cart is not the right time to promote your other sales objectives. You want your customers to stay concentrated on their one purpose: the abandoned cart.

Upload your brand image:

Uploading your own photos is strongly encouraged, and you can build a personalized and curated experience for your SMS subscribers. You can upload PNG, JPG, and GIF formats and see how the graphics look to the right in the demo.

Brand image is key to boosting the open rates, as well as text message clicks and orders.

Your customers need to know the origins of a text message immediately, and they can remember that they chose to read it first. Starting with your brand helps recipients immediately notice your name on the store, so they know what to expect.

Don’t forget to add your brand name!

For recipients, a text message from an unknown number may be annoying. That can be solved with your brand name.

How will it help? Customers who personally relate to a company have 3 times higher LTV. Don’t skip adding your brand name to all your marketing channels, including text messages, to increase your chances of being identified by potential users more quickly and easily.

Send a friendly reminder to your buyers!

There is a possibility cart may be abandoned because the buyers have forgotten about it. All they need in this situation is a friendly prompt to search your site again. To send those reminders, you can use SMS messages as a tool. If you include a link to your checkout page, you can be sure to follow it through and tier your responses accordingly to who took action or who did not!

Ask them if they have any questions:

A customer may absolutely adore a product, but their unanswered questions may cause purchasing to stop. Questions appear to cause hesitation. Try giving your customers the nudge they need by quickly and effectively asking them to answer any questions in their cart regarding the products.

Give Customers Coupons or Discount Codes

First, the main reason behind cart abandonment is unforeseen costs and delivery charges when customers reach the final checkout steps. In your first text message, we strongly advise that you approach abandoned cart recovery with a free shipping offer.

Although you do not realize why a consumer left their cart, a smart way to handle the problem is to treat the scenario with an advantage. Coupons or free delivery will lower prices, alleviate anxiety, and build a sense of urgency for a customer who might be on the fence! It will do wonders for the conversion rates as well.

Promoting scarcity by the use text message:

Customers leaving carts implies that they’re ok with the risk that a product will disappear on them. You want to make sure customers feel a bit of that pressure by letting them know the item isn’t going to be around forever. Come to your customer now approaching with an act. Words such as “products are going fast” and “your cart is expiring” are non-confrontational means of encouraging scarcity.


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