Every resident in city of millions ordered to get Covid tests — Analysis

Hong Kong’s approximately 7.5 million residents will be required to get tested for coronavirus in March

Hong Kong’s entire population of 7.5 million residents will be tested for Covid-19 in March, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced on Tuesday, as the region tackles a spike in cases due to Omicron.

This huge undertaking is expected to take place over the next few years. “about seven days,”Lam explained that there are approximately one million people being tested every day. She said that the population would be tested at least three times throughout the month. 

Lam dismissed the suggestion that lockdowns are in progress and denied any such possibility. “not realistic.”The central Chinese government has not been behind the Covid strategy to Hong Kong’s latest, she said. “will offer support as needed or upon our request.”They were greatly thanked by her. “staunch support”While promoting her energy “zero Covid-19”This strategy is aimed to eliminate the virus totally. 

As Hong Kong’s eligibility for Covid jab is lower, more children will be eligible to get it

Hong Kong also has other anti-virus measures, including a ban against evening meals and the closure of gyms, bars, beauty salons and businesses. The ban will be extended until April 20th. Also, flights from certain high-risk nations like Australia, Canada and the US are banned. Summer holidays will be moved forward from March to April in order for education facilities to serve as isolation and testing sites. 

“This is not good news to the sectors affected, but really at this stage of the pandemic we have no choice but to take these measures,” Lam said, adding that she hopes to raise Hong Kong’s vaccination rate to 90%, from its current 86%, next month.  

Omicron has sparked a spike in Hong Kong cases. Health officials have recorded 54,000 Covid cases since the beginning of the year and 145 deaths. Covid is a problem that has overwhelmed the healthcare system. People are forced to visit a hospital and quarantine facility when they have positive tests. 

Lam called for the following months “crucial”immobilizing Covid and urged residents to stay. “confident”These measures work.

“Stay confident and we will see the rainbow,”Sie said. 

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