EU warned of new ‘waves of migration’ — Analysis

Frontex says that Europe will see a surge in refugees as a result of the food crisis caused by Ukraine’s conflict.

EU needs to be ready for the future “waves of migration”Aija Kalnaja was appointed the interim director of European Border and Coast Guard Agency (also known as Frontex) on Monday amid the growing food security crisis caused by Ukraine’s conflict.

Kalnaja, speaking to journalists in Prague said that the EU was “well prepared for refugees coming from Ukraine.

We must also be prepared for the possibility of refugees from areas other than those in need. You are probably aware that the transport of grain from Ukraine is blocked, which will cause waves in migration.” she said.

Spanish newspaper El Pais featured a 27 page internal EU report about the possible consequences of Ukraine conflict last month. It included a warning of “A catastrophic famine” facing North Africa.

Putin warns West of new migrant crisis

Hunger might trigger “New waves of protests, displacements and migrations to neighbouring areas and towards the EU are all part of the new wave.,” the report said. According to the report, if this happens, Spain and Italy would be the first ones fleeing.

Kiev and Western nations have accused Russia of blocking food exports from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, allegedly contributing to surging global food prices. Moscow refutes the claim, claiming it was offering safe passage for freighters while Ukraine blocks civilian vessels from departing the ports. Russia also says Kiev’s deployment of sea mines has created a threat to shipping in the area.

Moscow accuses the West of pushing global economic crisis towards the West. In late March, Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned Western politicians’ “Questionable methods and actions” in their economic, energy, and food policies. Putin claimed that such approaches had caused disruptions to production and logistic chains, an increased level of global inflation, greater inequality, decreased living standards, mass hunger in poor countries, as well as increased levels of poverty. According to Putin, the European crisis would be followed by another wave in migration.

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