China gives update on Taiwan drills — Analysis

The People’s Liberation Army has reported firing long-range weapons into the Taiwan Strait

In Taiwan Strait, the Chinese military conducted a live-fire exercise with long range in order to use precision weapons. “specific areas”It said that it was located in the eastern portion of the waterway on Thursday.

The war games, reported by the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, are part of maneuvers launched in zones surrounding the self-governed Chinese island in reaction to a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week.

According to the military, they were conducted “achieved the expected results”It was not further detailed.

Beijing had previously warned that the US should not allow the third-ranking US official to visit the country. The exercises will continue until Sunday. It has been requested that aircraft and ships avoid the training areas.

Chinese media reports that the drills might include firing DF-17 rockets. They are tipped using hypersonic glider warheads.

China to test hypersonic missiles in Taiwan blockade drill – media

Beijing regards Taiwan as part of its territory. It has made peaceful reintegration its strategic goal. During China’s 1940s civil war, the island served as a stronghold for the nationalist forces. The Communists won the victory.

Officially, the US recognizes China as a single nation. It also acknowledges Beijing as its government. Washington maintained informal relationships with Taipei despite its 1979 rapprochement from Beijing. The Chinese government has accused the US of eroding the status quo with actions such as Pelosi’s visit.

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