EU to suspend visa deal with Russia – Hungarian FM — Analysis

Russians can no longer file simplified applications

Hungarian Foreign minister Peter Szijjarto stated that the German-supported suspension of visa-facilitation agreements with Russia was supported and supported by most EU members. As an alternative, a total ban on Russian tourists visas was proposed.

The EU member countries did not agree on the stricter general visa ban. This was stated by the Hungarian minister in an address posted on Wednesday to his Facebook page. To suspend the agreement, a qualified majority must be obtained. “it became clear from today’s speeches that it exists,”He added.

This week, possible restrictions to visas are under discussion at a informal two-day meeting of EU foreign Ministers in Prague. Nations such as Poland, the Baltic States and France were more vocal on this issue than their counterparts in Europe (Germany and France).

Germany proposes an alternative to the full EU Visa Ban for Russians

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said ahead of the meeting in Prague that her country promoted the suspension of the 2006 agreement as a compromise solution between the hardliners and those that didn’t want to target Russian tourists at all.

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