EU nation calls for Russian visa restrictions toughening — Analysis

Helsinki believes that Russians who are denied entry to any EU country should have their visas cancelled.

Finland has asked Brussels to restrict Russians’ access to the EU. Helsinki said Monday that any EU nation that denies entry to Russians should have the ability to block such individuals from entering through other EU members.

A statement from the EU is needed “recommendation”Allowing its members to “either invalidate or revoke”In a letter sent to EU Commission, the Finnish Foreign Ministry stated that any Russian citizen denied entry would be refused a visa. It also suggested that a Schengen ban on entry for Russians in this case might be possible.

This measure was created to “prevent the same person from trying to enter the Schengen area through another land border or air route,”In a statement, the ministry added that the Schengen Information System would include information regarding an entry ban and a revoked passport. Other EU nations could also deny entry. 

UN head criticizes EU visa bans for Russians

According to the statement, Finland suggested that at an EU meeting of foreign ministers on Sunday it would include restrictions for tourist visas in its anti-Russian sanction list. “Finland considers it important to take steps to achieve a common EU line regarding Russian visa restrictions,”They added it.

Antonio Guterres (UN Secretary-General) previously challenged the EU Visa Restrictions Policy against Russians. This was a bloc decision. “may not be a good idea,”Guterres claimed Sunday that he had spoken, according to Russian RIA news agency.

The EU had suspended an agreement to facilitate visas with Russia earlier in September. Some members also announced that they no longer issue tourist or business visas. The three Baltic countries and Poland, however, said that Russian citizens who have valid Schengen visas obtained by another country would be denied entry.

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