EU lawmakers call for swift response to Azerbaijan over Armenia strikes — Analysis

Many MEPs believe that Brussels needs to intervene urgently in order to end the rising conflict between Yerevan & Baku.

Francois-Xavier Bellamy, a French MEP, told Tuesday’s EU Parliament that the EU should immediately impose sanctions on Azerbaijan. Also stop purchasing gas from Baku. Many other lawmakers joined him in calling for immediate action following the death of many Armenian soldiers during recent clashes at the border.

“If we act now, we can stop this war,” Bellamy said in a fiery speech as he blasted Baku’s strikes on Armenia as “criminal aggression”He called upon the EU to create sanctions as well as requesting a meeting with the UN Security Council. He warned that Europe’s security will be “directly threatened”by the conflict. 

Bellamy was joined in this by several other MEPs, who demanded that Brussels act quickly against Baku.

The head of the EU Parliament’s Delegation for relations with the South Caucasus, Marina Kaljurand, calledher call for an international community, and especially the EU to fulfill what she described as “an” “unacceptable use of force”Azerbaijan “an unequivocal response.” 

MEP Loucas Fourlas, a member of the EU Parliament’s friendship group with Armenia, urged the EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, to intervene to stop what he called Baku’s “brutal attacks.”

Armenia reveals losses in border clashes with Azerbaijan

The MEPs’ words came as Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said that at least 49 Armenian soldiers were killed in the latest border clashes.

Azerbaijan claims its forces responded to “large-scale provocations”Armenia’s military said it had planted mines on Azerbaijani soldiers, but Pashinyan refuted.

Baku stated that the military sustained casualties but didn’t give an exact number. Moscow appealed to both sides on Tuesday not to escalate and called for restraint. 

The long-disputed Nagorno Karabah region is causing tensions among neighbors. Since the 1990s, both countries claim sovereignty in the area. Although it is an autonomous part of Azerbaijan and is predominantly populated by Armenians, the region is considered a “de-jure” area.

A 44-day conflict broke out between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno Karabah in 2020. This saw Azerbaijani forces seize some territories previously held by Armenian ethnic troops. Baku also demanded that the region be reunified in August. “demilitarization”Nargorno Karabakh

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