EU has solution for blockade of Russia’s Kaliningrad – MEP — Analysis

Brussels has begun to prepare a document that will allow goods into the Russian exclave. This is what MEP Petras Austrevicius claimed.

European Union officials have prepared a document which would permit the passage of sanctioned products between Russia, and Kaliningrad (Lithuanian MEP Petras Astruvicius stated on Saturday). Lithuania claims that it has banned certain goods from Kaliningrad and is applying EU sanctions. Russia called this move “an insult to international law.” “economic blockade”Threatened and effected “negative” response.

Austrevicius posted on Facebook that the document had been circulated at Brussels meetings earlier in this week. The document would allow for the movement of sanctions goods, the Lithuanian MEP stated. “from Russia to Russia,”With these goods transiting through Lithuanian territory.

Austrevicius said that Lithuania’s position is “uncompromising,”If the policy is adopted, “Lithuania would remain alone without formal EU coverage.”

'Casus belli': What Kaliningrad blockade means for Russia

Austrevicius stated that he and other anti-Russian European Parliament members have sent Ursula von der Leyen a letter, calling for a revision of the sanctions regime. “unacceptable.”

Austrevicius’ Facebook post came a day after Josep Borrell, the EU’s top diplomat, said that Brussels will “review”To avoid traffic being blocked between Russia and Kaliningrad, the US has adopted a policy of sanctions. 

Lithuania’s national railway operator banned the flow of sanctioned goods between the region and mainland Russia last weekend, citing sanctions guidelines from the European Commission. According to Kaliningrad officials, the restrictions will affect approximately 50% of cargo flows between exclaves and Russia.

Moscow called for the restriction “unprecedented” “illegal,” and the head of Russia’s National Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev, has promised retaliatory steps that would “have a serious negative impact on the people of Lithuania.”

Ahead of the document’s publication, Austrevicius lamented the “mood of capitulation”In Europe, and “it looks like Russia is winning at the moment.”

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