EU and BRICS launch key summits — Analysis

Separate gatherings bring together leaders of non-Western economic power and European countries to discuss global expansion and challenges.

Two major economic integration organizations – the European Union and BRICS – are holding key summits this week. While EU leaders are meeting in Brussels this Thursday to discuss a 2-day summit, BRICS members are having a virtual meeting hosted by China.

At the EU summit, the top of the agenda will be Ukraine’s situation and the bid by the country to join the Union. European leaders will address the impact of economic crises on the continent as well as important foreign policy questions.

Beijing hosts the 14th Summit of BRICS Emerging Countries, which will be held this week. It unites Brazil, Russia India, China, South Africa, and China. The summit will bring together member states to discuss ways of enhancing economic, security, and public-health cooperation and establish goals for the revival of the global economy following the Covid-19 epidemic.

Russian SWIFT replacement ready for BRICS – Putin

Beijing holds the rotating presidency in BRICS and has advocated for the expansion of the group to include Argentina. Latin American nations have expressed their desire to be part of BRICS. They will be participating in the summit.

Since Vladimir Putin’s February attack on Ukraine, the virtual meeting between leaders of BRICS nations will mark Putin’s highest-profile international event. Russia prioritizes trade with countries like China and India as a way to reduce the negative effects of Western trade sanctions.

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