Eight people injured in accident involving US military convoy (VIDEO) — Analysis

One truck collided in Bavaria with an American Army convoy, setting fire to several vehicles and leaving eight others injured.

After a semi-truck collided with the tank truck of an American military convoy, an entire section was left blocked on the highway. All three US vehicles set themselves ablaze, according to the police. The BR24 news site reports that the convoy of two tanks trucks was at the shoulder of the road when the accident occurred.

Eight US Service members were admitted to hospital. They are currently being treated for symptoms of smoke inhalation that do not pose a risk to their lives. However, there is no information yet regarding the condition of the semi’s driver.

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Bild reported that the vehicles from America were headed to a training facility nearby.

Firefighters have been put out of control and emergency personnel are currently on scene. The police have advised local residents to take detours but traffic is already jammed on the road due to the accident.

Authorities rule out the possibility of an intentional attack.



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