Dwayne Johnson Says Black Adam is Future of the DC Universe

Dwayne Johnson, also known as. Over 10 years, the Rock tried to have a film made about DC Comics villain Black Adam. Black Adam is an iconic character and fan favorite. He is once a slave who became a god, but is now reborn in modern times. Unlike most superheroes, he has no qualms killing his enemies.

Johnson was finally able to take the stage in full spandex as the character at San Diego Comic-Con’s famed Hall H on Saturday. The actor emerged from mist created by smoke machines, seemingly levitating above the crowd, with lightening flashing on the screen behind him and declared, “The DC Universe will never be the same.”

And it’s true. DC Universe has entered a period of transition. Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Ben Affleck are now retired as Superman and Batman respectively in DC Universe. Warner Bros.’ upcoming FlashComic-Con’s presentation of film at Comic-Con was absent due to Ezra Miller facing a number of legal issues. While Warner Bros. is telling several stories across different earths—from a planned JokerEquel to a Second Shazam! installment that was also teased at Comic-Con—fans are eagerly awaiting the possibility of another kind of team-up movie.

This may be possible with the Justice Society of America introduced in the DC Entertainment Universe. Black AdamThe team of heroes that will fight the titular character. The team will be led by Pierce Brosnan’s Dr. Fate. You also get Atom SmasherTo All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’Hawkman (s. Noah Centineo), and HawkmanStraight Outta Compton’Aldis Hodge

“The idea was how can we create something that’s fresh, unique, maybe show and create things that have never been done,” Johnson said of the complicated character. “But also if our goal…is to usher in a new era of the DC universe, what does that mean? That character is what does it mean? What does it mean to build out the DC universe with the Justice Society too?”

The trailer shown during the Comic-Con panel began with shots of Johnson’s Black Adam turning the soldiers who awaken him into skeletons, ripping off their arms, and crashing helicopters into each other, clearly establishing that Black Adam is no hero. Historically, even so-called villains like Sony’s Venom or Marvel’s Loki have eventually become heroes in their universes. Johnson suggested that Black Adam might operate in an area of moral gray.

“When the system is broken and corrupt and unable to protect the innocent, sometimes you need someone to break the system down,” said director Jaume Collet-Serra, comparing the character to Dirty Hairy.

“Maybe we can issue a new era in the DC Universe, maybe it’s time for a shift, get in there and disrupt a little bit,” added Johnson. “And listen to the fans.”

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